George Michael – Careless Whisper (Official Video)

                           George Michael – Careless Whisper


 I feel so unsure 我心忐忑

As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor 在我牽著妳的手走向舞池之時

As the music dies, something in your eyes 當音樂結束,你的眼神有異樣

Calls to mind the silver screen 對銀幕上悲傷的離別

And all its sad good-byes 心有所感 

I’m never gonna dance again 我再也不跳舞了

Guilty feet have got no rhythm 充滿罪惡的雙腳抓不住節奏

Though it’s easy to pretend 雖然偽裝很容易

I know you’re not a fool 但我知道妳並非蠢物

Should’ve known better than to cheat a friend 早知不該欺騙朋友

And waste the chance that I’ve been given 也浪費被賜予的大好機會

So I’ll never gonna dance again 因此我不再跳舞

The way I danced with you 如果無法與妳共舞

(Never without your love) (絕不能失去妳的愛) 

Time can never mend 時間也無法彌補

The careless whispers of a good friend 好友無心的耳語

To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind 對心靈而言,無知反而是種仁慈

There’s no comfort in the truth 真相是殘酷的

Pain is all you’ll find 痛苦因此附骨 

Tonight the music seems so loud 今晚的音樂似乎過於喧囂

I wish that we could lose this crowd 但願我們能避開人群

Maybe it’s better this way 也許這樣會比較好

We’d hurt each other with the things we’d want to say 我們可以用真心話來傷害彼此 

We could have been so good together 我們本該是令人稱羨的一對

We could have lived this dance forever 我們本該讓這曲共舞沒有終結

But none’s gonna dance with me 但再也沒有人願與我共舞

Please stay 留下來,好嗎? 

(Now that you’re gone) Now that you’re gone (如今妳已遠去) 如今妳已遠去

(Now that you’re gone) was what I did so wrong (如今妳已遠去) 犯錯的我

That you had to leave me alone 讓妳不願再相守


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