Rod Stewart-Have You Ever Seen the Rain

            Rod Stewart-Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Someone told me long ago   有人告訴我,很久以前

There’s a calm before the storm   有一個平靜的暴風雨前

I know 我知道  It’s been coming for some time 它已經來了一段時間了  

When it’s over, so they say 當一切都結束了,所以他們說

It’ll rain on a sunny day 它會下雨晴天   I know 我知道

Shining down like water照耀下如流水

I wanna know   我想知道  Have you ever seen the rain   你見過雨  

Coming down on a sunny day  下在一個陽光燦爛的日子

Yesterday and days before    昨天和前幾天

Sun is cold and rain is hard  太陽是冷和雨是很難受的

I know 我知道  It’s been that way for all my time  它已經這樣了我所有的時間  

‘Til forever on it goes\’  直到永遠就不言而喻

Through the circle fast and slow  通過圓快和慢  I know我知道

And it can’t stop, I wonder  它不能停下來,我不知道


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