Air Supply – Lost In Love(1979)

                                   Air Supply – Lost In Love

I realize the best part of love   我明白愛情的精華
Is the thinnest slice   像是最薄的薄片一樣
That it don’t come for much   它得來不易
But I’m not letting go   但我也不會輕易放手
I believe this too much to believe in   我相信這不容易使人信服

So lift your eyes if you feel you can   那麼抬起雙眼,如果你可以
Reach for a star and I’ll show you a plan   將手伸向星辰,我將告訴你一個計劃
I’d figure it out   我已了解
What I needed was someone to show me   我需要的是有人來指引我

*You know you can’t fool me   你曉得無法愚弄我
I’d been loving you too long   我已經愛你很久了
It started so easy    它開始得如此容易
You want to carry on    你得堅持下去

(Now I’m) Lost in love and I don’t know much    ( 如今我 )迷失在愛中,我始終不明白
Cause to thinking about    因為仔細思考
And felt out of touch    卻感覺不到
But I’m back on my feet    但我已重新振作
And eager to be what you wanted    渴望能成為你所期望的


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